A Teacher of Teachers

I’m so excited to share Kathleen Holm’s blog with you! This incredible woman was a daily inspiration to me while living and working in San Francisco. She is a major part of why I became a yoga teacher. Kathleen is a woman of balance (ha!) in that she is a grounded practical person who choses to see the positive potential in every moment. She’s also going to create 400,000,000 yogis by the year 2020. Get ready and enjoy!


joycotting in portland maine

Portland Greendrinks hosted their first joycott at the Public Market House this past Sunday. Their mission? “Instead of boycotting the bad, joycott the good.” And joycott we did.

[the shirt off of graham’s back, screen printed on-site by artist tim poulson of infini-t, and hung up to dry while we enjoyed a bowl of chowder & fresh bread from karmasouptra]

[local bluegrass/folk band tricky britches]

[handmade crafts & cuteness]

[friendly faces at pie in the sky pizza, one of the seven market house shops]

[ridiculously delicious harvest-inspired red velvet cupcake from master cupcakestress stephanie of tulips cupcakery – it had beet juice in it!]

The Public Market House, while usually busy on a day-to-day lunch visit, was completely bursting at the seams on Sunday! Which was exciting to see, knowing that 51% of the day’s profits will be invested in improving the building’s energy efficiency. Well done! I wonder where the next joycott will be…

Oh, and Happy VDay/Valentine’s Day!

Everything is amazing!

Found this video thanks to the articulate & inspiring blog Small Measure, full post here. The image quality is low, which I find appropriate considering the content. Perhaps your reaction to youtube video quality, to technology, and to modern life may shift after watching comedian Louis K’s hilarious musing. Why not? Enjoy!

Jeannette Walls

Have you read anything by Jeannette Walls? It’s been a few months since I tore through The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses but I keep thinking of these two books. The first being her memoir, detailing a nomadic childhood with passionate and flawed parents, the second a “true-life novel” about her grandmother’s life. Both are meticulously written, weaving multiple stories into a cohesive book with a strong journalistic quality and clear voice. NYT reviews here & here.

I was thinking about these books today, googled “Jeannette Walls” and discovered that she’s a gossip columnist. Interesting. I then watched a few interviews with her and listened to Walls explain her career in gossip – how she had the urge to tear down the façade of invincibility that some people, ie celebrities, can exert. How she feels that there’s power in truth and there’s always a story that we don’t necessarily understand – that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on appearances.

I’m not about to hop on over to gossip sites to read more from Walls, but I do hope that she turns out another novel. If you haven’t yet read these titles, I highly recommend them! (The Glass Castle has sold 1.5 million copies, so I bet you could score a well-loved paperback at a used bookstore)

Shark Pig

Oh hi! I’m at the Public Market House right now – sipping a latte from Market House Coffee and chatting with my newly-engaged best friend! Five of my dear friends are getting married this year so I’ve been combing the internet for various wedding-related inspiration. Thanks to Cup of Jo, I found these fantastic Shark Pig videos:

Love the vintage quality and diptych framing. Fun, aren’t they?

a few of my favorite things

[in maine during the winter]

Every Thursday night the Jerk of Grass, a fantastic local bluegrass band, plays at Gritty McDuff’s. Meeting friends for fish & chips, a pitcher of original pub ale, and listening to live bluegrass has been a wildly successful cabin-fever prevention plan for the winter thus far.

The Public Market House with its creaky wood floors, comfy seats, and local food vendors has also been a cozy winter afternoon retreat to grab a bowl of soup after after yoga classes or to pick up a latte on my way to another favorite place:

The Portland Public Library. I love this library. Actually, I’ve never found a library I didn’t love. But really, how can you go wrong with a place filled with books free for the borrowing?

And this is Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport, just down the road from Wolfe’s Neck Farm. I haven’t been lasting very long outside in the frigid air, even with lots of layers, but it’s worth the freeze to trace the ocean’s edge and peek out at the surrounding islands from under the cover of snow-heavy trees.

Today I also enjoyed a lovely & inspiring tea with some extraordinary women at Birth Roots, a perinatal community resource center. It was motivating and empowering to meet with other doulas in the area and exchange stories, insight, and ideas. I left feeling so grateful for the community and the space to meet them that it made me think of all the other things I’m grateful for in Portland right now… hence this post!

I hope you’re feeling good, too :)

adho mukha vrksasana

Pictured above is my teacher Darren Main assisting me in adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) during teacher training at Yoga Tree. Today, assisted by my living room wall, I’ve been kicking up into handstand to change my tired snow-day energy around. Sometimes I just need to turn things upside down, literally. Feeling good now:)

Hop over here if you want to give it a go today too – be sure to check out the contraindications for the pose – ie, why not to do handstand today:

“Back, shoulder, or neck injury


Heart condition

High blood pressure


If you are experienced with this pose, you can continue to practice it late into pregnancy. Don’t, however, take up the practice of Adho Mukha Vrksasana after you become pregnant.”

My favorite alternative pose is viparita karani.

sunday at the beach

Graham and I wandered through Nonesuch Books today – scouted out a few good reads (here are some great book recommendations from NPR) –  then made our way down to Higgins Beach to watch the waves roll in and the surfers all bundled up in their hooded wetsuits:

It was a brisk, windy, gorgeous day and all the surfers we crossed paths with said it was really warm. (!) I’m on-call for my first Maine birth so I was especially appreciative of Higgins today – of having such a spectacular place be so close, allowing me to be within a few minutes of where I need to be should that call ring in. And what better place to reflect on bringing a new life into the world?

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend too!

Rabbit Rabbit 2011

[andy & dana]

[the group]

[jason & caroline]

Happy New Year! We rang it in while lounging in a hot tub out in the snowy Vermont air – drinking champagne with grapes. (I believe that the grape-eating is a tradition from Spain and the “Rabbit Rabbit” is a British superstition) New Years Day was beautiful in Vermont – warm enough to be out in a t-shirt but still enough snow on the ground to protect me while I crumpled into a laughing heap trying to glide downhill on cross-country skis:)

The place where we rented our ski gear was adorable – it was an old converted horse barn with a roaring wood stove and resident golden retriever. Lots of delicious food, enjoyable company, and fresh air to reflect on the years past, current moment, and the years to come. Yoga tomorrow morning and a fresh start to some brewing intentions. Hope you’re welcoming in the new year with good health and happy hearts!