Notes from Thailand

Dodgy internet service and florescent-lit farang cafes didn’t lend well to my blogging in Thailand- so now that I’m back in the States, I will post!

We arrived in Bangkok after about 36 hours of flights, waiting for flights, airplane food, and restless sleep. Graham and I enjoyed a delicious street-side meal at 3am once we dropped our packs off at our hotel, and spent the next few days adjusting to the new time zone and wandering about by foot and by tuk-tuk.

In the mornings we set out to the markets in search of breakfast and found the streets crowded with jam-packed sidewalks, busting at the seems with clothing stalls, street vendors, Thai shoppers, Thai merchants, tourists, and lots of stray cats. We were rewarded with fresh smoothies and people-watching.

We avoided the afternoon heat by sitting in the cool breeze at a wat or temple, which proved to not only be a good escape from the sun, but an opportunity to talk with people as the hectic buzz of the city dulled a bit.

We then hopped on a 12-hour train to Chiang Mai where we had two days to explore before our first day at the Pun Pun Farm.


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