Pun Pun: getting muddy

The walls went up fast- most of the bricks were laid in two or three days. The foundation also took about two days- to string up a guide and mix and pour the concrete. We poured the foundation as opposed to laying the bricks directly on the ground, again, because of the termites. Even with concrete those little buggers can still get to your house if there’s the tiniest of cracks in your foundation. Yikes.

While we were building we were also learning about water systems, sanitation, and theories and applications of different community models. Above is Peggy’s brother Nate and Josh Kearns, the previous intern I mentioned earlier, lecturing about the water system they designed for Pun Pun.

This is Justin and Su’s house after we installed electricity! Something I never thought I’d be a part of. It’s nice to surprise yourself- I discovered I like splicing:)

Also taking place while we were building the kitchen: roofs for the makeshift kitchen and new bathrooms.

Krit, Jessica, and I think that’s Nat on the soon-to-be-roof.

Plastering, painting, and finishing were so much fun. Finger painting and mud flinging? Yes, please. The artists among us took to the final touches and the kitchen looked stunning toward the end of our stay. The roof was still under construction, Pun Pun hired village professionals to do the work since it was so large and couldn’t be made out of bamboo again. (Termites) It was actually pretty perfect to have the building incomplete when we said our goodbyes, knowing that the process, the building, and the farm would keep growing and changing as Pun Pun continues to thrive.


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