Pun Pun: In the kitchen


The first time I had papaya salad I thought it was noodles… a shocking taste when you’re not expecting it! So good. A surprising food discovery – I never got sick of rice. Love rice.

A fellow intern, Jake, took this photo and I love it. It’s of Wok and Sung bringing harvested Roselle to the kitchen to make into incredible jam.

Lesson: Tamarind and Roselle Jam

Coconut Milk & Dried Tamarind on Heat

When it bubbles, add brown sugar and a little palm sugar

Add a big pinch of salt

A little water and sugar and roselle (Natural Pectin)

Tix and Jia-Ling stirring the jam.


Making shampoo on the left and soy milk and tofu on the right.

Lesson: Soy Milk and Tofu

Can use blender or mill

1 part soy beans 2 parts water

soak beans overnight, keep rinsing and draining beans till water runs clear

blend or mill, catching contents in cheese cloth

squeeze out milk then boil (add vanilla, honey, etc- adding vanilla can take bean taste away if boiling doesn’t)

Use extra material to make snacks, tofu burgers, compost…

For tofu:

Bring pot to boil, turn off heat, stir in vinegar until it curdles

Put back in cheesecloth, tie up

Place in pot or mold with weight on top for at least 1/2 an hour


Justin demonstrating his bread kneading techniques on the left and our use of the lessons on the right: pizza nights! We made pizza dough and tomato sauce and harvested basil, eggplant, and other fun veggies for toppings. We also ordered milk from the local dairy and made ricotta cheese. Later we learned how to make a mud brick oven like the one we were using:


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