In Mom’s Gardens

Rabbit Rabbit! (Good luck on the first day of the month)

The other night I followed my Mom around in her gardens while she watered the plants. Listening to my Mom spout off names and facts that are second-nature to her, I learned some stories about the plants that surround my childhood home. Here are a few:

Hydrangea. These graceful clusters, assumed to be an original planting from the previous owner, were apparently sprouting up all around the house when my parents first bought our home in 1982.


On the left is the orange tree, a gift for my Mom from my Great Aunt Wilma and Uncle Ed after their 1964 honeymoon in Florida. It arrived in a small hand-held wooden box and is now the size of an adolescent. It’s yearly migration brings the tree once again outdoors, but it lives indoors during the New England winters. Pictured on the right is the very last of this years’ wild strawberries; wild in that they were wild at my Grandparent’s home in Massachusetts and my Mom brought clippings of them here. They spread (Much to my delight in the fruit and in strawberry shortcake) more and more every year.

The tomato plants get the best of the yard this year – they’re on wheels. My Mom planted them in large buckets so they can ride around in the wheelbarrow, following the sunshine all summer, instead of tolerating (Or not) the partial sunlight of most of the garden plots.

This wooden box (A tag-sale find) is now home to one of many basil plants. Those are wildflowers surrounding it and each twig you see marks where a CT Field Pumpkin was planted.

This beauty is called “Gooseneck” and she’s invasive.

Upon entering and exiting the house, you are greeted or wished farewell by this gloriously monstrous basil plant. So, from myself and the basil plant, have a wonderful Rabbit Rabbit Thursday.


2 thoughts on “In Mom’s Gardens

  1. Nice tour of the grounds, Christine–certainly an easy way to admire all your mother’s endeavors!

    My oldest brother, Ted, attended Berkshire School and the school newspaper started the first of every month with Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits. Hadn’t heard it since til now!

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