internet finds

I would love to reupholster a big comfy chair like this one that I found at design*sponge. Back at Yoga Tree in SF we had a sad fraying office chair that I reupholstered with an empty burlap coffee bag from the sweet people working down the street at Ritual Coffee. Where else can you score such great material and enjoy a latte that looks like this?

(and that’s my weakness peaking out on the red plate – vegan doughnuts)

Canning! This photo is from Katy Elliott’s jam-making endeavors that she wrote about here. I’m looking forward to two upcoming canning sessions – both with my mom and then with Graham’s mom in an effort to put a dent in her bumper crop of raspberries. Opening a jar full of summer jam in February? Oh yes.

Ashley English over at Small Measure totally sold me on this book and now I’m itching to check it out.

And a sweet sweet act of kindness written about here that I found from a post by Joanna at A Cup of Jo.


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