plotting to cook

The summer has been flying by and I’m beginning to realize that I’ll have to get back in the habit of cooking for myself soon – something I’m excited about and newly inspired to do after enjoying my mom’s food for the past few months. Above is my “recipe station” that I’ve set up on the front porch where I’ve been copying my mom’s, grandma’s, friend’s, and other people’s (Deborah Madison, Alice Waters, Mark Bittman) recipes onto index cards for my collection. I thought I’d share a few of my online sources for culinary inspiration as well:

Sprouted Kitchen

Whole Foods

All Recipes

Smitten Kitchen

Food Network

When Graham and I lived in San Francisco we received our produce through the CSA program at Two Small Farms. These wonderful farms would post a list of the contents of each week’s CSA box with a link on each item to corresponding recipes. (Super helpful when you have no idea what the mystery veggie you just received is, let alone how to eat it) I still check out their site from time to time, you can find their recipes here.


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