visual associations & memory

(maja paja)


Both of these photographs are from here, a site that Graham discovered awhile back. I was browsing through their collected images and when I found this one of crayons, I had a very distinct memory zap to watching a video of how an orange crayon is made. So, without further ado, thank you Sesame Street, Google and YouTube for indulging me with this flashback:


Now I’m off for another kind of flashback – a mini reunion with some college girlfriends! Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “visual associations & memory

  1. Bah I love this! Thank you for sharing it. There is something so excellent about crayons…their smell, their little waxy selves…the feeling of biting into one as we all inevitably did at least once….

  2. The colorfulness should translate into deliciousness, right?
    However, I can say, that while crayons are waxy and gross, play-dough really was pretty good. ;)

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