morning at the farm

Just pedaled back from the farm on my sister’s old blue bicycle – spent the morning in the stand slinging veggies and wine. The lady who delivers our bread orders from Collinsville Baking Co needed some basil so I sauntered over to the large patch past the old barn in the drizzling rain to inhale some basily goodness. I tossed the harvest into an empty tomato box, brought it back to her, and was informed that it’ll all come back to us as the homemade pesto we also sell. Holy deliciousness.

This is an old photo from a few years ago – and later in the season, judging by the mums. Like I said before, I haven’t been back in a few years, and I can’t get over how many great new things are going on. Since I left, Rosedales has organized a “Chef to Farm” dinner series with one of the restaurants we’d been supplying produce to over the years. Such a wonderful community event. The next one happens tomorrow night but there are still a few more coming up. Rosedale’s wine has also been winning awards – and at The Big E, no less. I cannot express how excited I am for The Big E this year. I’ve been out of the state or the country for the past 8 years or so and I’m looking forward to being back in New England for autumn and enjoying all that comes with it, including this wonderful event.

This is also an old photo, one that my sister took after a fun and dirt-filled day at the farm. I was more successful at not turning into a dirty mess this week – the other morning I was in the stand packing up boxes for the CSA program that has pick-ups early in the week so there was no picking and no chance to get all muddy. Rosedales has options for Farm Memberships and Wine memberships – how great is that? I’m just so in love with the farm and grateful to be back for another summer. I’ll have to search for a farm that I love in Portland… but right now I’m off to watch the little ones!


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