quarter life crisis

A cliche? Oh yes. Is it real? For me at this moment – yes, if I were to put a label to it.

My hilarious childhood and teenage concepts of what life at 25 should be like are colliding with my self-imposed perception of societal expectations. Who knew that while I was acting like a little rebellious teenager I was expecting a traditional adult self to emerge someday? Hilarious. Those thoughts must have snuck in somewhere…

And I’m finding it simultaneously comforting, humbling, and frustrating to have a cliche be so appropriate for what I’m feeling right now – all I had to do was Google “goals at 25” or “quarter life” and up popped my oh-so-personal struggles with financial realities, career choices, and critical perception of self and peers at this juncture in time.

So yes, I am experiencing a self-diagnosed quarter life crisis.

How are you?


4 thoughts on “quarter life crisis

  1. Hey Chris!
    I stumbled here from the photos you tagged of mine, thanks! But I have a hilarious book for you regarding the quarter-life. Its called “Its a beautiful lie: 26 truths about life in your 20s”.
    A compilation of short stories from female writers, now in their 30s, writing about their 20s.
    Give it a shot, and let me know what you think!
    Love all your photo, farming, Mainey goodness!

  2. aww thanks girl! i’ll definitely have to check that out, i’m always looking for a good read. miss your sweetness! xo

  3. Girl, I just started my blog based on the idea that I’m going through the same thing!! How did the mid-twenties come through so soon?!

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