blogging inspiration

This is Heather Armstrong, my favorite of the momversationalists, and this image is from her website.

So the other night I was reading east side bride (because she’s hilarious and fierce and it’s nice to read sassy women’s thoughts about tradition, rites of passage, self-expression through fashion, etc… and no, I’m not planning a wedding) and I found an old post that referred to a site called momversation. And oh my goodness I love it. Like I said before, I’m such a blogging newbie and this is another find of mine that is already a big deal – but hey, it’s new to me and I’d like to share it.

What I find so incredible about momversation‘s videos is not the strikingly original concepts or an innovative format, (which are both present) but the simple honest surrender with which these bold women share their thoughts. I just think it’s brave. It’s brave to put yourself out there for someone else – especially when that someone else is a stranger (or a few thousand strangers from what I understand) watching you from behind a computer.

So if you’d like to, you can read their “about” statement here,  or watch the momversations here. I just love the community of women and the opportunity to explore and discuss some of the many aspects of womanhood – a couple of which I also happen to be involved with in my current career. I’m so excited to find women sharing such intimate stories with one another online – I’m finally finding members of my “internet tribe.” So happy.

(And if you click over to east side bride, don’t be shocked, she swears a little. Ok a lot. And I like that, because although I don’t use expletives – when blogging, thus far – I do appreciate the fact that sometimes only the f* word will do.)


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