autumnal appreciation

Pictured above is my Mom, a pumpkin creation by Dad, and myself at about age four in the backyard at home in Connecticut. That Japanese Maple in the background was a well-loved and oft-climbed favorite of the neighborhood. And below is a photograph Graham snapped with his phone yesterday at the Portland Farmers Market. I am pictured clutching a pumpkin destined for great things (soon-to-be carved artwork by Graham followed by a slow-bake into delicious pie) as well as a gorgeous cluster of beets peaking out of the bag. We also re-stocked our apple cider supply, an autumnal staple in our new home.

I love fall. Really. Love. Fall. I didn’t fully understand just how completely the seasons had soaked into my being until I was away from the east coast during the fall for a few years. One autumn in particular comes to mind – I was in India about 4 years ago (from July – December, effectively skipping autumn) and come October I looked into my rucksack to discover that every single piece of clothing I had purchased – kurtas, dupattas, pashminas – was a shade of red, yellow, orange or brown. I had subconsciously created the changing leaves through my Indian wardrobe. So this year I’m just soaking it in – beyond thrilled to be back near my family and the shifting of the seasons. Happy Autumn!

PS My lovely friend Brodie passed this website on to me and I’ve had fun digging through the archives, hope you do too :)


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