pine cones

This weekend Graham and I drove a little ways up north to check out the foliage and hike away our colds. We also stumbled upon the wonderful place pictured above, The Barn on 26. The old Shaker-built barn, housing wall-to-wall antique furniture, books, pottery, and of course a barn cat named Elizabeth, managed to be cozy and welcoming despite its soaring wood roof. Upon entering through the large red doors, we were greeted with a bowl of fresh-picked apples and a sign encouraging us to help ourselves. The owner, Alice, slipped in a little while later and we enjoyed chatting with her about the antiques, her horses, and winters in New England. We didn’t leave with the bookshelf we’ve been hunting for, but we did take home a bag of pine cones…

… which we put into our canning jar lamp. The end table the lamp is sitting on is a barrel that Graham’s brother gave us from the Portland Architectural Salvage. Alice told us that some of the young girls who board with her and tend to the horses had volunteered to gather up the pine cones. They were all piled into cute little brown bags, tucked behind arm chairs and next to hutches throughout both floors of the lofted barn. I thought it was such a sweet thing to do – and so nice that these girls have this special place.

Hope you’re in the midst of a cozy fall and having a pleasant time gearing up for winter!


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