christmas shopping: local indie craft fair











After a glorious syrup-filled waffle brunch, a few of our friends braved the rainy (hopefully soon-to-be snowy) weather with us, and arrived at the Maine Irish Heritage Center where Picnic was raging on! This craft fair/music festival/yeti sighting location (a yeti – seriously, check out their website) was swarming with damp, rosy-cheeked, and chatty shoppers. It was a joyous scene to be a part of – meeting local craftspeople, listening to their stories and to the festive music, and sipping on some fresh coffee. One of the vendors, Merchants Row, sold these striking puzzles and paintings – he had designed and then printed images on regionally-sourced and hand-carved wood in the shape of the counties in Maine and a sailor out at sea. Loads of special holiday gifts and pleasant company. Hope you enjoyed a (rainy or otherwise) lovely weekend as well!


4 thoughts on “christmas shopping: local indie craft fair

  1. hope it’s cozy over in your portland, regardless of precipitation:) i think we have some solstice celebrating brewing over here, you gearing up as well?

  2. Yes! We’re having a solstice/belated housewarming party this Sunday, bringing a little excitement with the necessary preparation. Lots of candles and cookies help, too. Happy holidays!

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