adho mukha vrksasana

Pictured above is my teacher Darren Main assisting me in adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) during teacher training at Yoga Tree. Today, assisted by my living room wall, I’ve been kicking up into handstand to change my tired snow-day energy around. Sometimes I just need to turn things upside down, literally. Feeling good now:)

Hop over here if you want to give it a go today too – be sure to check out the contraindications for the pose – ie, why not to do handstand today:

“Back, shoulder, or neck injury


Heart condition

High blood pressure


If you are experienced with this pose, you can continue to practice it late into pregnancy. Don’t, however, take up the practice of Adho Mukha Vrksasana after you become pregnant.”

My favorite alternative pose is viparita karani.


4 thoughts on “adho mukha vrksasana

  1. I know exactly how you feel! My arms are not strong enough yet but… even just doing a shoulder stand with my legs up the wall, the blood flowing to my head, I felt things shifting towards spring…

  2. hey seester, i do sound like zoe, don’t i? ha! hope you’re doing well too – any handstands in ct?

    and emily, oh just the mention of spring… it’s snowing like mad outside! what’s it like in your portland?

  3. Haha, well of course as I write this it’s gloomy, cold and pouring rain outside. But the forecast for this weekend looks partly sunny and in the fifties. Not exactly t-shirt weather but I’ll take it!

    Have you built any snowmen/women yet?

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