Jeannette Walls

Have you read anything by Jeannette Walls? It’s been a few months since I tore through The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses but I keep thinking of these two books. The first being her memoir, detailing a nomadic childhood with passionate and flawed parents, the second a “true-life novel” about her grandmother’s life. Both are meticulously written, weaving multiple stories into a cohesive book with a strong journalistic quality and clear voice. NYT reviews here & here.

I was thinking about these books today, googled “Jeannette Walls” and discovered that she’s a gossip columnist. Interesting. I then watched a few interviews with her and listened to Walls explain her career in gossip – how she had the urge to tear down the façade of invincibility that some people, ie celebrities, can exert. How she feels that there’s power in truth and there’s always a story that we don’t necessarily understand – that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on appearances.

I’m not about to hop on over to gossip sites to read more from Walls, but I do hope that she turns out another novel. If you haven’t yet read these titles, I highly recommend them! (The Glass Castle has sold 1.5 million copies, so I bet you could score a well-loved paperback at a used bookstore)


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