they’re not kittens

I think we actually adopted two fierce little skunk bears.

We had to lock them in the bedroom in order to eat these: (recipe from Alice Waters’ Art of Simple Food)

Knitting hasn’t been happening lately for two fuzzy reasons, but they do love to snuggle up by the computer – after they tire themselves out by pouncing on the keyboard.

Wishing you a nice week – getting ready for Thanksgiving!


big e & warm little heads

Yesterday Graham and I ventured down to the BIG E – an event I hadn’t attended in about a decade and have been craving to add to my autumnal indulgences this year. The day was filled with llamas, sheep, hatching chicks, baked potatoes, large pumpkins, canned jams and glorious New Englandiness – aaand we got to spend time with my parents and sister! Our favorites were the state houses and animal barns. And no, we did not try the fried butter. We also didn’t take any pictures while we were there, so I thought I’d share these with you:

a few of my projects from the summer and two of the sweet little heads they ended up on –

Couldn’t be any cuter. Have a lovely week!


Spent the weekend with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and achy body. I think the youngest of the four kids I nanny shared his cold with me. Poor little guy – I wouldn’t have known he’s been dealing with a sore throat if I didn’t have one for the past few days.

Feeling tired and cranky – but loving the above sewn painting that I found on etsy. (click on the image to link to the artist’s page)

books can be confusing

image from here

Did you read Pat the Bunny as a kid? Me too. Well since then, the author has come out with a whole line of “Pat the… ” books. This afternoon, the 16-month-old and I were pawing through Pat the Cat and arrived at the last page – where you squeeze the teddy bear’s tummy and it squeaks. So after squeaking the teddy, squealing, and clapping his hands a whole lot, the little man looks down at his tummy and gives it a good squeeze, waiting presumably for the corresponding noise. He then looks up at me in complete bewilderment after which I had to explain the disappointing difference between stomaches.

S o c u t e.

(besides making squeaking noises, all things involving water, and stacking blocks, the little guy loves balloons, hence the pretty picture above)

visual associations & memory

(maja paja)


Both of these photographs are from here, a site that Graham discovered awhile back. I was browsing through their collected images and when I found this one of crayons, I had a very distinct memory zap to watching a video of how an orange crayon is made. So, without further ado, thank you Sesame Street, Google and YouTube for indulging me with this flashback:


Now I’m off for another kind of flashback – a mini reunion with some college girlfriends! Happy Friday!

Welcome Little Ones

Three incredible women in my life have given birth over the past few months and I am just bursting with joy! Welcome to the world Soleil, Shawn, and Iyara! You are blessed with beautiful mamas, inside and out. And I am blessed to know them too.

Congratulations all of you growing families! May you enjoy the wonder-filled journey.

This gorgeous image is from Joyce at This Limerick Called Life.

water play

Today I really got into water play with the munchkins. Totally zoned out and stared at the water as the kids poured it from tub to watering can to kiddy pool. I actually caught a split second of what it was like to focus like that. I almost remember that childish awe, being totally absorbed with a world that was half in my head and half in my hands, with everything else blurred on the sidelines.

“Imagine the power of our actions if each one contained one hundred percent of our attention.” Thich Nhat Hanh

This photo of Graham playing in the water is from our Thailand travels. Which reminds me that I still need to post photos from after the farm – Southern Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Soon.

Lessons from a Toddler

Today the 16-month-old and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood while the older three romped about at Taekwondo. He spent the better part of an hour contemplating “up.” Why not?

Along the way he made friends with a fellow toddler which involved the two of them sticking their faces inches from one another and staring. Super cute. Then we met our (very pleasant) State Representative, Linda Schofield, who thought the little man was a little lady. I opted not to correct her since the muncher does have some gorgeous curly hair and I saw no need to potentially fluster her on her sweep of the neighborhood.

I spent my walk home gazing up. It was a nice day.

earthen building with small hands

This summer I have the privilege of working with a family of six as a nanny for four children – aged 10, 8, 6, and 16 months. The oldest three tried their hands at earthen building this week:

After washing up back at home and inhaling snack, the youngest entertained himself by shoving his finger so far up his nose that he gave himself a bloody nose. His father informed me that this week has brought the discovery and exploration of nostrils… and that this was not the first bloody result. We’ll have to plan more absorbing activities tomorrow.