A Teacher of Teachers

I’m so excited to share Kathleen Holm’s blog with you! This incredible woman was a daily inspiration to me while living and working in San Francisco. She is a major part of why I became a yoga teacher. Kathleen is a woman of balance (ha!) in that she is a grounded practical person who choses to see the positive potential in every moment. She’s also going to create 400,000,000 yogis by the year 2020. Get ready and enjoy!


adho mukha vrksasana

Pictured above is my teacher Darren Main assisting me in adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) during teacher training at Yoga Tree. Today, assisted by my living room wall, I’ve been kicking up into handstand to change my tired snow-day energy around. Sometimes I just need to turn things upside down, literally. Feeling good now:)

Hop over here if you want to give it a go today too – be sure to check out the contraindications for the pose – ie, why not to do handstand today:

“Back, shoulder, or neck injury


Heart condition

High blood pressure


If you are experienced with this pose, you can continue to practice it late into pregnancy. Don’t, however, take up the practice of Adho Mukha Vrksasana after you become pregnant.”

My favorite alternative pose is viparita karani.

one year ago

photo by Tori

photo by Dave

photo by Tori

photo by Tori of Edwina enjoying a vegan cupcake made by Liz

photo by Greg

Graham and I – along with an eclectic and inspiring group of people – graduated from Yoga Tree‘s teacher training program last August. Right now I am feeling extremely grateful for the people I shared this experience with, the teachers who showed us the way, and the many generous people who made it possible for me to graduate. Thinking of you all and how much has happened in all of our lives in one year! Missing you & sending love your way.