sunday at the beach

Graham and I wandered through Nonesuch Books today – scouted out a few good reads (here are some great book recommendations from NPR) –  then made our way down to Higgins Beach to watch the waves roll in and the surfers all bundled up in their hooded wetsuits:

It was a brisk, windy, gorgeous day and all the surfers we crossed paths with said it was really warm. (!) I’m on-call for my first Maine birth so I was especially appreciative of Higgins today – of having such a spectacular place be so close, allowing me to be within a few minutes of where I need to be should that call ring in. And what better place to reflect on bringing a new life into the world?

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend too!


this week’s books

I borrowed this one from my nanny family so I can read up on the youngest one in their Montessori household.

This one is recommended by Ina May Gaskin – how could I not read it? And before nursing school prereqs? Yes, please.

And to balance it all out, a necessary novel.

Reviews, comments, and favorite quotes to come : )

Welcome Little Ones

Three incredible women in my life have given birth over the past few months and I am just bursting with joy! Welcome to the world Soleil, Shawn, and Iyara! You are blessed with beautiful mamas, inside and out. And I am blessed to know them too.

Congratulations all of you growing families! May you enjoy the wonder-filled journey.

This gorgeous image is from Joyce at This Limerick Called Life.