a few of my favorite things

[in maine during the winter]

Every Thursday night the Jerk of Grass, a fantastic local bluegrass band, plays at Gritty McDuff’s. Meeting friends for fish & chips, a pitcher of original pub ale, and listening to live bluegrass has been a wildly successful cabin-fever prevention plan for the winter thus far.

The Public Market House with its creaky wood floors, comfy seats, and local food vendors has also been a cozy winter afternoon retreat to grab a bowl of soup after after yoga classes or to pick up a latte on my way to another favorite place:

The Portland Public Library. I love this library. Actually, I’ve never found a library I didn’t love. But really, how can you go wrong with a place filled with books free for the borrowing?

And this is Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport, just down the road from Wolfe’s Neck Farm. I haven’t been lasting very long outside in the frigid air, even with lots of layers, but it’s worth the freeze to trace the ocean’s edge and peek out at the surrounding islands from under the cover of snow-heavy trees.

Today I also enjoyed a lovely & inspiring tea with some extraordinary women at Birth Roots, a perinatal community resource center. It was motivating and empowering to meet with other doulas in the area and exchange stories, insight, and ideas. I left feeling so grateful for the community and the space to meet them that it made me think of all the other things I’m grateful for in Portland right now… hence this post!

I hope you’re feeling good, too :)



to the water we go for the rest of the week.

“Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child – our own two eyes.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

Wishing you a pensive, productive, and positive rest of the week.

yes, what is it about 20-somethings?

A friend on facebook posted this article on her wall and I think it’s fascinating – it equates the ‘discovery’ or psychological defining of adolescence to what’s appearing now – the shifting and apparent elongation of the transition to adulthood.

I find the last line of the article quite heartening: “If it really works that way, if this longer road to adulthood really leads to more insight and better choices, then Arnett’s vision of an insightful, sensitive, thoughtful, content, well-honed, self-actualizing crop of grown-ups would indeed be something worth waiting for.”

one year ago

photo by Tori

photo by Dave

photo by Tori

photo by Tori of Edwina enjoying a vegan cupcake made by Liz

photo by Greg

Graham and I – along with an eclectic and inspiring group of people – graduated from Yoga Tree‘s teacher training program last August. Right now I am feeling extremely grateful for the people I shared this experience with, the teachers who showed us the way, and the many generous people who made it possible for me to graduate. Thinking of you all and how much has happened in all of our lives in one year! Missing you & sending love your way.

quarter life crisis

A cliche? Oh yes. Is it real? For me at this moment – yes, if I were to put a label to it.

My hilarious childhood and teenage concepts of what life at 25 should be like are colliding with my self-imposed perception of societal expectations. Who knew that while I was acting like a little rebellious teenager I was expecting a traditional adult self to emerge someday? Hilarious. Those thoughts must have snuck in somewhere…

And I’m finding it simultaneously comforting, humbling, and frustrating to have a cliche be so appropriate for what I’m feeling right now – all I had to do was Google “goals at 25” or “quarter life” and up popped my oh-so-personal struggles with financial realities, career choices, and critical perception of self and peers at this juncture in time.

So yes, I am experiencing a self-diagnosed quarter life crisis.

How are you?