sunday at the beach

Graham and I wandered through Nonesuch Books today – scouted out a few good reads (here are some great book recommendations from NPR) –  then made our way down to Higgins Beach to watch the waves roll in and the surfers all bundled up in their hooded wetsuits:

It was a brisk, windy, gorgeous day and all the surfers we crossed paths with said it was really warm. (!) I’m on-call for my first Maine birth so I was especially appreciative of Higgins today – of having such a spectacular place be so close, allowing me to be within a few minutes of where I need to be should that call ring in. And what better place to reflect on bringing a new life into the world?

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend too!


In Mom’s Gardens Again

This photo was taken in June – seester reading & relaxing on the hammock, mom working on something in the garden, as usual.

An here is the garden as of 9am this morning.

Remember this tomato plant wheelbarrow from my last garden post?

Here’s what it looks like now:

Can you spot the beans? The kids and I had a lot of fun finding and harvesting beans yesterday – and climbing the Japanese Maples – can’t wait for them to turn bright red come autumn.

See that white stuff on the leaves? It’s a mold apparently common around here and all of the pumpkin plants are afflicted with it. My mom assures me that it’s no big deal, she’s been trimming some of the leaves and up pops new healthy growth. The woman does have a masters degree in botany… I trust her.

Portraits of peppers and a morning glory. It was, in fact, a glorious morning. Hope yours was too.